Islet transplantation is a treatment for people who have unstable type 1 diabetes, especially those with recurrent or severe hypoglycemia. People with severe hypoglycemia often have impaired awareness of hypoglycemia, meaning that the usual symptoms do not develop in response to the blood glucose dropping. This is quite common in people who have had diabetes for decades.


The Tom Mandel Islet Transplant Program

The Tom Mandel Islet Transplant Program in Melbourne is part of the Australian Islet Transplant Consortium offering national access to islet transplantation for people with Type 1 diabetes mellitus and recurrent hypoglycaemia with hypoglycaemic unawareness. The consortium has two islet isolation facilities located in Melbourne and Sydney and performs transplants in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. In general, we provide access to the procedure for people from Victoria and Tasmania, while Sydney’s Westmead Hospital provides transplants for people in NSW, ACT, Qld and WA, and the Royal Adelaide Hospital, to those in SA and NT.  The Consortium provides these services with funds from the Nationally Funded Centre Program that is funded by State Governments.